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Social Movements and Social Change

Figure 21.1 Activism can take the form of enormous marches, violent clashes, fundraising, social media activity, or silent displays. In this 2016 photo, people wear hoods and prison jumpsuits to protest the conditions at Guantanamo Bay Prison, where suspected terrorists had been held for over a decade without trial and without the rights of most people being […]

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Health and Medicine

Figure 19.1 Medical personnel are at the front lines of extremely dangerous work. Personal protective clothing is essential for any health worker entering an infection zone. (Credit: Navy Medicine/flickr) Health and Medicine Chapter Outline On March 19, 2014 a “mystery” hemorrhagic fever outbreak occurred in Liberia and Sierra Leone. This outbreak was later confirmed to be Ebola,

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Work and the Economy

Figure 18.1 Today, employees are working harder than ever in offices and other places of employment. (Credit: Juhan Sonin/flickr) Work and the Economy Chapter Outline What if the U.S. economy thrived solely on basic bartering instead of its bustling agricultural and technological goods? Would you still see a busy building like the one shown in Figure 18.1? In

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Government and Politics

Figure 17.1 In 2018, Florida voters made a decision regarding the voting rights of people convicted of a felony. The referendum took a direct measure of the people’s will, rather than navigating through representative process. However, passing a referendum and enacting the laws to carry it out are two different processes, which Floridians came to understand when

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Figure 16.1 High school and college graduation often marks a milestone for families, friends, and even the wider community. Education, however, occurs in many venues and with far ranging outcomes. (Credit: Kevin Dooley/flickr) Education Chapter Outline “What the educator does in teaching is to make it possible for the students to become themselves” (Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of

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Figure 15.1 Religions come in many forms, such as this large megachurch. (Credit: ToBeDaniel/Wikimedia Commons) Religion Chapter Outline Why do sociologists study religion? For centuries, humankind has sought to understand and explain the “meaning of life.” Many philosophers believe this contemplation and the desire to understand our place in the universe are what differentiate humankind from other

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Aging and the Elderly

Figure 13.1 Older people, especially family members, can foster a connection between our past and present and help build our memories and identities. But they sometimes need unexpected help, which they do not always accept. (Credit: PWRDF/flickr) Aging and the Elderly Chapter Outline 9-year old twins Osiris and Joli loved making meals with Bibi, their grandmother. Osiris

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Gender, Sex, and Sexuality

Figure 12.1 New opportunities, laws, and attitudes have opened the door for people to take on roles that are not traditionally associated with their gender. But despite this progress, many people are misunderstood or mistreated based on gender. Gender, Sex, and Sexuality Chapter Outline Imagine that there’s a fire in a building nearby. As you watch the

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